Suncoast Transmission Rebuild Kits

Unleash the Power: SunCoast Transmission Rebuild Kits for Maximum Performance

Your diesel truck's diesel engine is a powerhouse, ready to deliver immense power with the right tuning and parts. However, the true potential of your rig can only be realized if your transmission is up to the task. Enter SunCoast Performance, a trusted name in the industry offering a comprehensive range of high-strength torque converters, billet transmission components, and complete transmissions. SunCoast understands the demands of big diesel trucks, offering specialized transmission upgrades for GM Duramax, Ram Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke engines. Whether you're pushing the limits with performance enhancements or navigating tough terrains, SunCoast ensures your transmission won't be the weak link. With SunCoast's commitment to durability and strength, their transmission rebuild kits are designed to handle the power and torque your truck generates. Whether you're upgrading your torque converter or opting for a complete transmission overhaul, SunCoast has you covered.

SunCoast 6R140 Transmission Rebuild Kit

One of the great representations of what a SunCoast Transmission Rebuild Kit is going to deliver is the SunCoast 6R140 Category 4 750+HP Rebuild Kit for the the Ford 6R140 Torqshift transmission. This robust transmission accompanies the 6.7L Powerstroke powerplant, delivering unparalleled strength and performance. It is a testament to durability, boasting a one-piece bell housing design that not only radiates toughness but also adds a substantial level of rigidity to eliminate torsional flex. Its six forward gears, featuring a deep first gear and double overdrive, strike a harmonious balance between towing strength and fuel efficiency. As SunCoast delves into enhancing this powerhouse, let's explore the transformative benefits of their SunCoast 6R140 Transmission Rebuild Kit.

The SunCoast 6R140 Transmission Rebuild Kit is a carefully curated package that includes essential components to elevate your transmission's performance. From the SunCoast billet intermediate shaft to the Sonnax SureCure Kit, every element is designed to enhance longevity and optimize the factory stock vehicle.

Addressing the Core Issue: 4-5-6 Clutch Pack Enhancement

Recognizing the critical role of the 4-5-6 clutch pack, also known as the "E Clutch", SunCoast embarked on a journey to revolutionize its performance. Through extensive testing of different friction materials and manufacturers, a pattern emerged. Higher friction coefficients led to more violent shifts, particularly when additional torque was introduced. The common issue of the 3-4 "squawk" during shifts into 4th gear prompted SunCoast to take a scientific approach. Rather than settling for inferior friction materials that allow slip, SunCoast went the extra mile. The result? Another patent on the wall and the birth of the SunCoast E Clutch Hub Damper.

Innovative Damper Technology: Silencing the Shift

The 6R140 E clutch hub, initially designed without a damper, posed challenges as torque management was a key consideration for Ford. However, with the removal of torque management in performance-modified vehicles, a potential for failure emerged. SunCoast responded with a groundbreaking solution. They created a completely new 4-5-6 clutch hub that incorporates a damper assembly. This assembly doesn't just address the squawk, but it also introduces Sound Reduction/Absorption Technology, ensuring clean, crisp, and silent gear exchanges. This innovation paved the way for the use of more sophisticated friction materials with higher coefficients, ensuring both longevity and reliability.

Unmatched Performance: Proprietary Clutch Pack

SunCoast's commitment to excellence extends to the development of a new 4-5-6 "E" clutch power pack. Utilizing nine custom frictions, this proprietary SunCoast clutch pack is exclusively designed to complement the patented clutch hub. The result? A shift experience that surpasses anything else on the market, providing clean and crisp gear changes.

Ensuring Pump Integrity: The Battle Against Catastrophic Failure

The factory pump on the 6R140 often faces challenges, particularly a loss of lubrication pressure at the converter hub support pump bearing due to seal failure. SunCoast's answer to this potential catastrophe is a new bearing that not only restores normal operation but also ensures the pump's integrity. It's a testament to SunCoast's commitment to addressing issues at their core.

Tackling Torsional Fatigue: The Billet Intermediate Shaft

With upgraded performance modifications, larger wheels and tires, or heavy towing, the intermediate shaft is susceptible to failure. SunCoast's solution is a new billet shaft made from managing steel, also known as Vascomax. By eliminating overdrive clutches' slip during apply, SunCoast minimizes torsional fatigue, significantly reducing the risk of shaft failure.

Last Thoughts

In crafting the 6R140 Transmission Rebuild Kit, SunCoast has not only addressed existing challenges, but has redefined the standards for transmission performance. From patented technologies to proprietary components, every aspect of this kit reflects SunCoast's unwavering dedication to delivering unmatched excellence to automotive enthusiasts. Elevate your driving experience and unleash the true potential of your transmission with one of SunCoast's innovative rebuild kits.

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