SunCoast SC-5R110CAT1-4WD 5R110 4WD Transmission Assembly | 03-10 Ford 6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke

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SunCoast SC-5R110CAT1-4WD 5R110 4WD Transmission Assembly | 03-10 Ford 6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke


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The Category 0 SunCoast 5R110 Transmission is our base 5R110 transmission. This is a perfect transmission for a stock vehicle that is used in heavy duty applications. This offers all of the current fixes for the direct clutch circuit, with our Patent-Pending “No Walk” center support. This transmission also has the new wide-load direct clutch pack. This is the perfect economical solution for our customers looking for a heavy duty towing transmission with no power adders.

Tales from the 5R110

The TorqShift 5-speed 5R110 transmission replaces the old faithful 4-speed 4R100 in the 2003 model year with the introduction of the new 6.0L diesel engine. The TorqShift design, in fact, has a total of six forward gears ratios; however, only five are advertised, with the “hidden gear” only being used in very cold weather. The five forward ratios are: 3.11, 2.22, 1.55, 1.00, and—finally— the overdrive is 0.71. The TorqShift also utilizes an optional 4th gear at 1.10, which is used in cold start conditions to aid in engine and transmission warm up.  With the TorqShift, once the Tow/Haul mode is activated, it can help increase driver control when towing large loads up and down steep grades. It will also minimize shifts and maximize the available torque. Upon descent, the tow/haul feature utilizes engine braking to help extend the life of the transmission and improves driver control.  The TorqShift was also Ford’s first attempt at adaptive control. The adaptive control shift function monitors the performance over its lifetime and adjusts shift times in real time to ensure consistency and compensate for wear. The TorqShift was also used with the 6.4L. This particular transmission was later replaced with the much larger and more robust 6R140 when the 6.7L Powerstroke was released by Ford.

Walking Away from the Center Support

The center support on a transmission is a critical component that could make the difference between success or failure. The center support acts as a stabilizer, just as our lower back and abdominal muscles support us. With the TorqShift being such a long unit, over time, the torsional flexing distorts the case, and the center support can sag and become displaced. The TorqShift relies on the center support to also apply fluid feed to the direct and forward clutches. When this distortion occurs, the fluid feed holes for direct and forward can become misaligned. This is especially true when towing heavy loads or under moderate-to-hard acceleration. This will also lead to premature failure and burnt clutches.  SunCoast has developed a new “No Walk” Center Support to correct this issue, which we include in this kit. We also go a step further with this and make a new Mag-Hytec pan standard to increase the rigidity of the case and reduce torsional flexing.  With this now being corrected, the need for the direct solid modification is no longer needed. We originally created this modification before learning about the torsional effect.

The Input Shaft

The factory Ford input shaft is one of the smallest input shafts on the market today. Its lack of size makes for a sore subject with many of our customers after a simple programmer has proven to be too much. With factory wheels and tires, this is a standard replacement for all of our builds. With larger wheels and tire combinations, this becomes essential at stock horsepower/torque. Tire size, gear ratio, and reciprocating mass can all play a role in the amount of torsional fatigue that can occur. Torsional fatigue is one of the largest contributors to premature failure. Fatigue is something that occurs over time after repeated stress.  So torsional fatigue is something that occurs over time after repeated stress. It is not so much the overall torque but the accumulation or sum of all the torque that the object has seen over time. SunCoast uses a new billet input shaft that is heat treated and precision ground from 300 maraging steel for maximum held strength. This shaft is a 100% drop-in assembly.

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