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It's common for clutch hydraulic systems to become aged or weak, meaning you won't be able to select gears in the transmission. Even if your hydraulics are still working properly, if you're upgrading the clutch in your truck (or plan to), it might be time to invest in a heavy-duty hydraulic assembly from South Bend Clutch. Some factory hydraulic assemblies aren't up to the task of handling a dual-disc or even a stronger single-disc clutch. Purchasing upgraded hydraulics at the same time you order your performance clutch is highly recommended.

South Bend Clutch hydraulic assemblies are engineered to enhance your vehicle's performance. They are made to stringent quality standards to ensure exceptional durability and years of trouble-free service. The kits are complete, typically including a master cylinder (adjustable on select models), slave cylinder, remote reservoir, and braided stainless steel hoses. South Bend Clutch replacement hydraulic assemblies are ready to work hard and play hard--just like your rig.

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