Projector Back-Up Reverse Lights | Universal Applications

Projector Back-Up Reverse Lights | Universal Applications


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  • Two powerful super high-output Xenon lamps
  • 110 watts of power produces 250,000 candlepower of Xenon light
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Salt-water safe
  • Replaceable H3 12V Xenon bulbs


It’s easy to drive a vehicle forward with your headlights illuminating the way, but navigating a vehicle in reverse at night is a different story all together…especially if your towing a trailer or hauling a load. Tiny factory installed O.E. back-up lights just don’t cut it when safety and peace of mind are at stake. From cramped urban parking lots to poorly lit boat ramps, RECON Truck Accessories offers you a brighter solution to backing your vehicle into and out of any situation. Light em’ Up With RECON Truck Accessories’ new 2-piece back-up reverse light kit for nearly all makes & models of truck, SUV, & even passenger car.

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