Hamilton Cams

Unleash Power and Reliability with Hamilton Cams for Your Ram Cummins

Looking to elevate your Ram Cummins to new heights of power and reliability? Look no further than Hamilton Cams, your go-to source for high-performance engine components. Whether you crave big power or seek enhanced reliability at extreme horsepower and torque levels, Hamilton has you covered. Specializing in crafting top-notch camshafts, Hamilton empowers your Ram Cummins to generate substantial power independently. Beyond just raw power, these camshafts are engineered to withstand far more power and torque than factory alternatives. This resilience allows you to push the boundaries and embark on a hyper-tough Ram Cummins build with confidence.

Efficiency Redefined

One of the key highlights of a Hamilton camshaft is its exceptional efficiency. They are meticulously crafted deliver the best fuel economy possible. If you're looking for enhanced fuel efficiency, particularly for highway driving, these cams are your ticket to achieving remarkable results. For those dealing with in-cylinder EGR challenges on engines with higher drive pressure than boost pressure, these cams proves to be a game-changer. Their short duration and wide lobe separation angle contribute to minimizing overlap, addressing issues related to restrictive turbine housing or turbine wheel, which are common culprits in stock turbos. The result? An efficient solution to kill in-cylinder EGR and optimize engine performance.

Real-World Performance Gains

Hamilton Cams are a favorite among enthusiasts who crave a potent yet street-friendly setup. When paired with a larger single turbo, these cams enhance the drivability of the engine, making it easier to handle on the streets. Part-throttle operation sees substantial improvements across the entire RPM band, providing a well-rounded driving experience. The versatility of Hamilton cams extend beyond their efficiency role. Their gaining popularity among common rail engines equipped with larger single turbos or those featuring larger valves and ports. Larger turbos and expansive cylinder heads often suffer from reduced low RPM response, but the Hamilton cams step up to address this concern, ensuring large turbos spool up much earlier for optimal performance.

Last Thoughts

The premium Ram Cummins camshafts at Hamilton Cams stand as a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency. Whether you're a highway cruiser, a heavy hauler, or a street-driven diesel aficionado, these cams offer a winning combination of power, efficiency, and adaptability.

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