FirePunk Diesel

Unleash the Beast: FirePunk Diesel's High-Performance Crate Transmissions

Transforming your Ram Cummins into an unstoppable powerhouse of immense horsepower and torque is easier than ever with a FirePunk Diesel cutting-edge crate transmission. Whether you roll with an older 1998.5-2002 Ram 5.9L Cummins 24V or a newer 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins, FirePunk's lineup boasts transmissions designed to handle extreme power levels without breaking a sweat. These transmissions serve as a strong backbone for your aggressive truck's performance. Don't let your truck's potential be limited by a weak link. Elevate your diesel experience and dominate the road with the confidence that only FirePunk can provide.

Built for High Horsepower Applications

At the heart of a FirePunk transmission is a design tailored for the most demanding power needs. These transmissions are not for the faint of heart. They are engineered to handle the extreme horsepower and torque that your high-performance truck produces. If you are running at a more modest 550HP or less, then the Firepunk Street & Track Crate Transmission is a fantastic option, but if you are getting up over 1000HP, then the Firepunk Competition Stage 3 Crate Transmission is for you. Whether you're on the track or tearing up the streets, FirePunk transmissions are built to endure the relentless demands of your engine. The oversized shafts are engineered to handle the extreme forces generated by high horsepower engines, providing unmatched durability and reliability. The converters are designed to maximize power transfer, while ensuring longevity, making it an essential component for any high-performance truck. All FirePunk transmissions comes equipped with a Competition Master Kit, which includes added clutches in the Direct drum and in OD Brake. The modifications to the OD direct clutch and oversized HD 2nd gear band ensure that the transmission can handle the increased stress of high horsepower applications without compromising performance.

Premium Components for Strength and Precision

Throughout the construction of a FirePunk transmission, you can find an abundance of billet components. These precision-engineered parts not only enhance the strength of the transmission, but also contribute to the overall efficiency and responsiveness of your truck. One of the most critical components of these transmissions is the high-pressure valve body. It ensures smooth and precise shifting, especially under the demanding conditions of high horsepower applications. The Firepunk-built high-pressure valve body is designed to optimize fluid flow and pressure, providing consistent and reliable performance. The premium features of FirePunk transmissions don't stop at providing power and durability. They also include practical features like a deep pan with a drain plug and temp sender port for easy maintenance. The DPC Billet SFI 29.3 Approved Flexplate adds an extra layer of safety and reliability, ensuring that every aspect of your transmission is built to the highest standards.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, if you're serious about harnessing the full potential of your high horsepower truck, a FirePunk Transmission is a must-have. Its combination of strength, reliability, and innovative features make it the transmission of choice for those who demand nothing but the best. If you're not convinced a FirePunk Transmission is for you, then make sure to check out the other Transmissions that we carry at Alligator Performance.

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