Hold Up, this is not what you were looking for right!? We understand. Yes, we used to sell products in the categories you just came to find, but unfortunately the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has asked us specifically to no longer offer these products. We opted to inform you, our valued customers, the situation, so you had alternatives to consider.

We know you came to look at removing or bypassing the factory emissions on your late model Diesel truck. We know why, it’s causing issues with your truck, or it’s throwing codes. We understand. As we mentioned above, those products per the EPA are in direct violation of the Clean Air Act ( and as such, are not legal to sell or install on an on-road vehicle with a VIN number. Yes, this change causes quite a few issues, but in light of recent changes in aftermarket performance, maybe not as drastic a change as in the past.

History lesson first:
When these new particulate systems came into the market in late 2007, they were fraught with all kinds of issues. Over time, vehicle manufacturers have been working diligently on revamping the emissions technology to provide consumers something that will last, and won’t constantly have issues. Aftermarket Manufacturers have also been rapidly designing tuning and products to allow you to leave your emissions intact, and increase performance and reliability.

Alligator Performance has been here with you, our customers through all of these changes. We have been testing emissions compliant tuning and aftermarket hard parts now for the last few years. There IS now a way to get a reliable, emissions compliant tuned truck that will perform the way you want, and we have the products and knowledge to help you do that!

Take a look at our new packages that are built to allow your Diesel Truck to perform the way it should, and keep you from a visit/fine from the EPA. Give our expert Sales Team a call for any questions as well, they can help you dial that new truck in and open a whole new world of Emissions Compliant fun!

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