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Diesel's and Older gas vehicles used to be able to be "turned up" by very simple means, a screw driver and a few wrenches. Well that time has passed and now modern vehicles are "tuned" by means of a plug in chip, a piggy back module or a computer based tuner. The modern age of performance is here because our partners at Edge Products, Bully Dog, PPE, Smarty, TS Performance, SCT, Power Hungry Performance and Banks Power have created plug and play devices to crank up the power on your Diesel or gas pickup, SUV or Car. If you are looking for custom EFI Live options, we have partnered with Duramax Tuner, PPEI, Anarchy Diesel, Adrenaline Truck Performance, MotorOps, Gorilla Performance and Fleece Performance to get you all the power you are looking for. If you have any questions, contact sales@alligatorperformance.com and we would be happy to assist you.


  1. SCT 40490 BDX Performance Tuner
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    SCT 40490 BDX Performance Tuner | 97-19 Applications




    • User Adjustable Tune Options
    • Wireless Tune Delivery
    • Backs Up Factory Tune
    • Stores 10 Custom Tunes
    • Full-Color Screen
    • Will Not Ship To California
    • Crank Relearn
    • Increases HP And Torque
    • Customizable Gauge Layouts
    • PID Monitoring & Data Logging
    • Reads and Clears DTCs
    • Built-In Wifi For Easy Updates
    • Installs Quickly And Easily
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  2. BD Diesel 1057731 Throttle Sensitivity Booster for 2005-2006 Dodge and Jeep Applications

    BD 1057731 Throttle Sensitivity Booster | 05-06 Dodge and Jeep Applications




    • Instant throttle response
    • Diesel or Gas engines
    • Quicker turbocharger spooling
    • Easy to install with factory connections
    • Adjustable sensitivity levels
    • Reduce Pedal Lag
    • Boost throttle signals by 50% or 100%
    • No emission tampering
    • Optional Push Button Switch Kit available p/n 1057705
    • CARB EO numbers available for many applications with more to come, check out TSBOOSTER.COM for details
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  3. Edge 98618 EAS Data Logging Kit for CTS2 Insight

    Edge 98618 EAS Data Logging Kit for CTS2 Insight




    • Ultimate Data Logging Kit for Diesel Enthusiasts
    • Abililty to monitor 2 different EGT locations
    • Abiltity to monitor 2 different - 0-100 PSIg Boost Sensors
    • Ability to monitor 2 different  -40° - +300°F Temp Sensors
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