SCT X4 7015-C Competition Tuner | 08-10 Ford Powertroke 6.4L

SCT X4 7015-C Competition Tuner | 08-10 Ford Powertroke 6.4L




  • Includes 4 custom tunes:
  • 75hp | 150hp | 275hp | 300+
  • Reads and clears DTC's
  • Works as a dash mounted monitor
  • Ability to add EGT probe

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SCT 7015 CUSTOM TUNED X4 Power Flash
Color Display
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Diesel
The CUSTOM TUNES do NOT require sensors to be in your Competition Pipe
Works with all exhaust gas recirculation aftermarket systems including new EGR elbow
Also has SCTs standard pre-loaded tunes if you’re waiting on your Competition Pipe
**All DPF-OFF tuning products are STRICTLY FOR RACE USE ONLY**
According to the EPA Clean Air Act, they are illegal for use on any Federal, State, or Local public highways and illegal use is punishable by the penalties enacted by the mentioned laws.

Power Levels

Hot Street
All Out Race
Increases Horsepower & Torque! Increases your vehicles Horsepower, Torque and Throttle response
Cold Air Intake is recommended for all tuning levels and is required for Levels 3 and 4

Product Features

Built-In Wifi for easy updates
Built-in Wifi allows you to easily attach to your local area wireless network to download device updates.
Data Logging
Need to monitor your vehicle's engine parameters? No need for a separate monitoring device. View and record your vehicle's PCM data on the device or on a PC.
Easy Restoration Back to Stock
The device backs up your factory PCM program during installation should you ever need to return your vehicle to the stock program. Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting "Return to Stock" from the device menu.
Increases Horsepower and Torque!
Increases your vehicles Horsepower, Torque, Throttle Response and even Fuel Mileage
Most Popular Vehicles Supported
Most popular Ford vehicles supported including 2014 models.
USB Interface Cable Included
USB Interface Cable and Livelink Datalogging software included
Clearing DTCs
Reads and Clears PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
Dual Analog Inputs
Monitor EGT temps, air-fuel ratio and other popular sensor data.
Full Color Backlit LCD Display
Full Color LCD display for easy viewing, day or night.
Installs Quickly and Easily
Installs quickly and easily via your vehicle's OBDII port.
Stores 10 Custom Tunes
Stores up to 10 custom tune files created by your local SCT Custom Tuning Dealer.
User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
Adjust for common performance bolt-ons such as Cold Air Kits, Exhaust Systems & Gears


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  • Over All Rating

    By Lasor1 on 10/31/2016

    Got this for my 2010 6.4 and it's like a whole new truck . I'm running the 150 street tune and it works awesome.shifts great. The custom tunes are great very low smoke if any with tones of power.

  • Over All Rating

    By Patrick McGovern on 10/20/2016

    "Item as ordered. My only complaint is 2 day shipping isn't 2 day shipping. Ordered on a Friday and didn't get it until Wednesday.

  • Over All Rating

    By Ashley Williams on 10/20/2016

    Very please so far with purchase. Had to update firmware prior to install. So far it has exceeded my expectations. Good purchase.

  • Over All Rating

    By Daniel Rodriguez on 10/19/2016

    This has worked awesome I got personalized help with the installation. Thank you for your help you went beyond to help me.

  • Over All Rating

    By Shannon Holmes on 10/18/2016

    Did everything I expected and more. Only negative that I can think of was that the data transfer was a little slow. The only reason I say that is because I was sitting in the sun while all of this was happening - it had nothing to do with the tuner and everything to so with where I parked my truck.

  • Over All Rating

    By John Gierten on 10/13/2016

    Being just the second tuner I have purchased, I relied on other people for information to make a decision. Once again I have no regrets with my purchase. After researching and asking within reason all I could, the guys here, Tim, was very helpful, took teh order, product is here, installed, truck runs great. Thanks Alligator Performance !

  • Over All Rating

    By James Sanchez on 10/10/2016

    Very good service call and. They help and got my parts and for the programmer to call and they help me set it thanks guys

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