S&B 75-5103D Cold Air Intake w/Dry Filter | 2017+ GM 6.6L Duramax L5P

S&B 75-5103D Cold Air Intake w/Dry Filter | 2017+ GM 6.6L Duramax L5P


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  • Dry Disposable Filter
  • Easy Installation - Less than 45 minutes
  • Premium Silicon Rubber Boots
  • 43% more airflow than stock intake
  • Clear lid for easy filter inspection
  • S&B 75-5103 Cold Air Intake w/Oiled Filter
  • Yes Please S&B-WF-1059 - +$29.95
  • Oiled filter replacement - KF-1063 - +$65.00
  • Dry filter replacement - KF-1063D - +$65.00
  • Yes - S&B-88-0008 - +$29.95


More Airflow. Better Performance.

Our 2017-2018 Duramax intake has two airflow configurations dependent on your airflow requirements. With the optional box plug removed, you'll get over 43% more airflow than the stock intake.

Full Silicone Hood Scoop

The hood scoop inlet holds the clear lid with no hardware required. It snaps easily into place for a snug, perfect fit.

Massive Air Filter

This Duramax intake includes a massive air filter made of a high efficiency, low restriction media as well as a silicone base and top for added protection against engine heat.

Injection Molded MAF Plate

In conjuction with a foam MAF gasket, the injection molded MAF plate ensures a quality seal around the MAF sensor that prevents any air leaks.

Premium Silicone Parts

Silicone is a premium rubber that can withstand temperatures up to 400° F and won't crack or tear with age. It's tough yet elastic enough to stretch, then snap into a perfect seal. That's why we used silicone in building this kit's filter, hood scoop, coupler, and tube seal.

Fast and Easy Install

With our full color, step by step instructions, you'll be breathing easy in 45 minutes or less with just basic tools.

The Power to Feed your Diesel


  • Tube Color: Black
  • Tube Material: Plastic
  • Filter Color: Red
  • Air Intake Filter Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Filter End Cap Finish: Black
  • Sleeve Color: Black
  • Quantity: Sold as a kit