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Over 60 years ago, we made our claim to fame on PRXB Exhaust Brakes and engine brakes for commercial truckers, loggers and the military, providing unsurpassed Quality, Durability and Value to hard-working men and women whose safety and lives depended on our product. Today we carry on that tradition. Pacbrake air springs are built with inch-thick aluminum end caps, ultra beefy brackets and 20 support wires, the most in the air kit suspension industry. We also offer air springs, air tanks, air compressors and wireless air controls, for a complete air management lineup. Pacbrake air horns will ensure you’re heard, and our leveling kits will ensure you’re seen. Towing a boat, ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike? Easily hook up your trailer with our adjustable locking drop hitch ball mounts. Work in oil and gas or agriculture / farming? Then you need protection from engine runaway. Our manual and automatic PowerHalt engine shut off valves are the positive air shut off valves of choice in the industry. 

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 PacBrake Alpha XD 7500 Air Spring Suspension Kit

For 2020-2022 Ford Superduty Trucks

Pacbrake Universal Traction

Boards for Vehicle Recovery in Sand/Snow/Ice.

Pacbrake Tailgate Cover

Protect your Tailgate from Bikes or debris.


2003-2018 Dodge Ram Cummins Pacbrake Air Spring Kit

Eliminates your vehicle’s sag, sway and bottoming out.

2004.5-07 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins 2500 / 3500 PacBrake C44045 Direct Mount 4 inch PRXB High Performance Exhaust Brake Kit

The spring controlled pressure regulated mechanism on the exhaust brakes protects against engine overpressure.

  Single Channel Quickie Mount Wireless AirBag Control with HD Compressor

A direct crossover to competitor EZ mount kits, but with several critical advantages.

Pacbrake air suspension kits lead the market in performance and quality

Your truck’s suspension was designed as a compromise between capacity and comfort. So when you haul heavy loads or pull a trailer, the rear springs can be pushed to their limit resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. It doesn't have to be this way. With the simple addition of an Pacbrake air spring / air suspension kit, you can eliminate overtaxing your suspension by providing the extra support of an inflated air spring, resulting in a level stance, comfortable ride and stable handling.

Pacbrake Air Spring Features & Benefits

  • Applications for light and medium duty vehicles.
  • Ideal for heavy haulers or unevenly distributed loads.
  • Use Pacbrake's heavy-duty air springs to eliminate your vehicle’s sag, sway, and bottoming out.
  • Front-to-back and side-to-side adjust-ability.
  • Level your truck’s stance while providing added support for an overall smooth and safe ride.
  • Level headlight alignment.
  • Better braking and improved steering.
  • Reduce suspension fatigue.
  • Improve traction and minimize tire wear.
  • Lifetime warranty on Air Springs.
Pacbrake Air Suspension Benefits
Pacbrake Air Spring Specifics

Pacbrake Air Spring Specifics

  1. One-piece aluminum anodized end caps. 
  2. Twenty Support wires.
  3. Two-ply rubber. 
  4. Corrosion-resistant roll plates and powder coated brackets.
  5. Rated up to 5000 lbs*.

Compare Pacbrake Air Springs to the Competition

  1. 1/8" Steel end caps
  2. Only 9 support wires
  3. 1/4" Fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite end caps 
  4. Only 15 support wires 

Pacbrake Air springs have no equal. Use Pacbrake's heavy-duty air springs to eliminate your vehicle’s sag, sway, and bottoming out. 

Pacbrake Air Springs help level your truck’s stance while providing added support for an overall smooth and safe ride.

Pacbrake Against the Competition
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