Mag Hytec Aa14 9 25 A | 03-Up Dodge Aam 9 25 Front Differential Cover

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Mag-Hytec AA14-9.25-A 03 up DODGE AAM 9.25 Front Differential Cover

Mag Hytec Aa14 9 25 A | 03-Up Dodge Aam 9 25 Front Differential Cover


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Average of double the fluid capacity Ease of Service The dipstick is knurled for quick removal, the flat is marked low/high to check lube level and a magnet, which acts as an open filter is in the lower end. The MS 7/8 - 14 THD port is large enough to use for filling. The magnet-filled drain plug is the same MS port as the dipstick. Both the dipstick and drain are O-ring sealed. The sending unit fitting is 1/8 pipe THD and shipped with a stainless pipe plug. The calibration plug is centered on the serial number plate and approximates the stock cover fill plug for factory fluid level. The O-ring is snapped into the inverted "V" groove for a positive seal without gasket or silicone. Plugs, cap screws and washers are stainless steel in most applications. Mag-Hytec manufactures the best covers and pans available today.

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