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  1. Diablosport 9050 Trinity 2 Digital 5" Monitor for Universal Applications

    Diablosport 9050 Trinity 2 Digital 5" Monitor | Universal Applications




    • Full-color, high-definition 5″ capacitive touch screen
    • High speed data logging with export capability
    • Customizable gauge screen “Layouts” where users can create and customize numerous Layouts containing up to 5 different gauge screens per Layout
    • One-Touch, easy menu navigation
    • Wi-Fi Updating
    • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
    • Swipe the screen left or right to toggle between user-selected gauge screens within a Layout
    • Custom color mixer to customize gauge arcs, backgrounds
    • Switch between imperial or metric units of measure
    • Performance tests like 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph
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