Digital Gauges

Technology has advanced so far that now, instead of a pillar of gauges showing one vehicle statistic per gauge, you can have 1 Digital Gauge showing you up to 12 of the most important vehicle readings.  Alligator Performance sells the best Name Brands in Digital Gauges from companies like Edge Products, Banks Power and more.  


  1. Banks 66560 iDash 1.8 Super Gauge

    Banks 66560 iDash 1.8 Super Gauge | 07-20 Applications




    • Customizable Gauge Display
    • Read Boost Pressure, EGT and So Much More
    • Avoid Costly Repairs by Monitoring Important Sensors
    • Display 2-8 Values
    • Fits 2007 OBDII Vehicles
    • Read up to 80 OBDII Mode 01 Values
    • Over 300 Parameters Available
    • View Data Your Dash Does Not Display
    • Displays Accurate Values Your OEM Dash Gauges Filter
    • Includes Patented OBDII Density
    • Does Not Have Data-Logging Functionality
    • Built-in Shift & RPM Light
    • Connect Multiple iDash 1.8 Gauges
    • Auto-Dimming Feature
    • Fits Standard 52mm (2-1/16 Inch) Gauge Mounts
    • Features Vary by Application
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