Digital Gauges

Technology has advanced so far that now, instead of a pillar of gauges showing one vehicle statistic per gauge, you can have 1 Digital Gauge showing you up to 12 of the most important vehicle readings.  Alligator Performance sells the best Name Brands in Digital Gauges from companies like Edge Products, Banks Power and more.  


  1. Diablosport 9050 Trinity 2 Digital 5" Monitor for Universal Applications

    Diablosport 9050 Trinity 2 Digital 5" Monitor | Universal Applications




    • Full-color, high-definition 5″ capacitive touch screen
    • High speed data logging with export capability
    • Customizable gauge screen “Layouts” where users can create and customize numerous Layouts containing up to 5 different gauge screens per Layout
    • One-Touch, easy menu navigation
    • Wi-Fi Updating
    • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
    • Swipe the screen left or right to toggle between user-selected gauge screens within a Layout
    • Custom color mixer to customize gauge arcs, backgrounds
    • Switch between imperial or metric units of measure
    • Performance tests like 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph
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