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Ultimate Callout Challenge

BD Diesel’s Race Team Throws Down at UCC18

Ultimate Callout Challenge is where the top diesel trucks in the country come together and throw down to see who’s builds, technology, and products can withstand the beating of the 3-day, 3-competition show down. 2018 was no easy task, UCC has evolved quickly over the course of 3 years and now everyone knows that this is the real deal, and to overlook details is a recipe for failure.

BD Diesel Performances moto of “Innovation Driven By Competition” is put to the test during the most grueling competition in diesel performance. This year 3 members of the BD Diesel race team entered and competed in UCC18 and tested their every day, off the shelf parts. 

Cody Hopkins with his 2008 Dodge 6.7L Cummins used and pushed the limits with a variety of BD Diesel products, such as BD’s X-Flow Intake Horn, Dual R900 CP3’s, Triple Turbo kits, Fuel Sump, and the Flow-Max lift pump. Cody pushed the 4-door, short bed, full weight truck down the ¼ mile track multiple times to get a day’s best of 10.274. Day 2, rolled up on the rollers to dyno out a 1223.5hp/1812.5tq before blowing a boot, and on day 3 hooked up to the sled to pull for 270.5 feet.

Shawn Ellerton, the Canadian Redneck, showed up in his signature green, 2004 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. For airflow, Shawn went with BD’s 76mm Triple Turbo set up with the high flow extruded intercooler. On day 1, Shawn pushed the single cab, short bed drag truck down the strip for a day’s best at 11.714. With some complications, on day 2, rolled the truck up on the dyno and still was able to kick out 1117.6hp/1675.7tq. On day 3, hooked up to the sled and pulled for 241.9 feet, finishing Ellerton off in the middle of the pack.

Then we have the poster child of the BD Diesel race team, Derek Rose with DNR Customs. Derek has made a name for himself through a drag racing carrier and always being a top contender since the beginning of the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Derek runs a pretty non-conventional set up, with his 2006 Dodge Ram 7.0L Cummins, Single Cab short bed, center driven truck. I would have to say it’s the most customized set up at UCC. Derek Rose backs up his massive power plant with BD’d Hi5 Torque Converter and Trackmaster 48re Transmission, Triple R900’s for Fuel, BD’s Triple turbo set up for air, and the Xtruded Charge air coolers for transmission oil cooling. Derek and the BD Race team almost broke in the 8’s in the ¼ mile with a best time of 9.081. Day 2 rolled on to the dyno to take the days highest horsepower and torque combination of 2378.2hp/3478.9tq, and on day 3 pulled for 301.25 feet setting Derek up for 2nd place in the overall event.

BD Diesel’s parts were tested and hammered on to say the least. The power and performance demand that these UCC completion trucks are demanding is more than anybody will every use on the street or in a daily driver. With an industry leader like BD Diesel innovating their parts, by stress-testing their parts with competitions like this, should make you feel very comfortable in their entire product line.  

BD Diesel Performance – Innovation Driven by Competition.

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