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Return Procedures

CORE POLICY (see below)

Alligator Performance offers returns for most items within 30 days of receipt of shipment. 

What can you return?

Returns Procedure:

  1. Contact Alligator Performance at 208-292-4401.
  2. If you have an account with Alligator Performance, Please Login HERE
    • Under My Orders, click View Order on the order you want to setup a return on.
    • On the top right of your order details page, click Return and fill out the RMA Form and details.
    • When you have filled out the form, click Submit to send the information to us.
  3. Request an RMA for the item you wish to return and verify the item is returnable.
  4. Prepare your package in original packaging, with all parts, pieces and paperwork that were included when delivered.
  5. Print shipping label that will be emailed to you and affix it to the outside of the packaging box.
  6. Return your item via your preferred shipping provider.
    NOTE:  If return is due to an improperly or incorrectly shipped item from Alligator Performance, your label will be freight-prepaid.  All other returns are not pre-paid.
  7. Upon receipt of your return, Alligator Performance will inspect your item and issue a refund according to Alligator Performance’s refund & restocking fee policy.  Please ask prior to returning your part if a restocking fee is likely to apply.  Some parts have a required 15-35% restocking fee based on manufacturer policies which we will charge to you and deduct from your refund or in-store credit.  Refunds will take up to 10 days to process.


All cores are due within 30 days of purchase.  You must follow the core return directions emailed to you upon purchase.  Once your core return has been processed by the manufacturer, you will receive a full in-store credit immediately or full refund to the original credit card within 7-10 days for cores in usable condition, no exceptions.  After 60 days of purchase, cores returned in good condition may be eligible for a full in-store credit or a refund less a 20% late fee.  Expired cores in usable condition that are over 90 days from date of purchase may be eligible for a partial in-store credit only, less a 20% late fee.

** You are responsible for all core return shipping back to the manufacturer, along with insurance and tracking to verify the core arrived at the manufacturer.  The manufacturer will inspect your core, and make core credits based on their findings.  If a core is un-buildable, they will adjust or deny your core accordingly.  Core credits are NOT guaranteed.  Alligator Performance is not responsible for delayed credits, or lost/damaged cores.

Click here to submit your Core Tracking# and RGA Information on your Core Return


Tim in California Says:

You guys are the coolest. My radiator and intercooler kit made it here in like 18 hours, no joke.. and I'm in California lol You seriously have the best site around. I've been shopping with you guys for a while and just wanted to say thank you. I can't wait to place my next order. No one up here can beat my truck( except for one guy lol ), and I tell them Alligator every time