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MotorOps Breaking the Internet with L5P Tuning

MotorOps temporarily broke the internet when they released a video of an L5P with competition tuning on a 2017 L5P Duramax. They have been working on and refining tuning for the L5P and here is one of their recent statements:
"The L5P dyno numbers are in! 569 RWHP / 1404 Ft. LBS on a Mustang Dyno. Pushing the truck in its current state any further will only result in making inefficient power. We have found some serious restrictions in the factory induction setup. Stay tuned to see what Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. is adding into the mix that will allow us to push this truck even further!"

Motor Ops L5P Duramax Tuning

Motor Ops is proud to be the first to present tuning for the L5P Duramax.

Here are the details that we can currently share with you:

 - L5P Tuning will be done on HP Tuners MPVI2 Platform

 - Each ECM / TCM needs to be unlocked, the unlock procedure will be done exclusively by HP Tuners

 - Once the unlocked ECM is sent back to the installer it will need to be married to the vehicle and then tuned with a Motor Ops tune

 - The marrying procedure will require the use of HP Tuners Software as well as GM Software

 - The ECM marrying procedure includes relearning the VATS, programming injector flow rates, and relearning the crank position

 - Motor Ops L5P Tuning will be available exclusively through Motor Ops Certified Dealers

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Tim in California Says:

You guys are the coolest. My radiator and intercooler kit made it here in like 18 hours, no joke.. and I'm in California lol You seriously have the best site around. I've been shopping with you guys for a while and just wanted to say thank you. I can't wait to place my next order. No one up here can beat my truck( except for one guy lol ), and I tell them Alligator every time