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LML Tuning now includes Smart EGT Control!

Our LSP (Switch on the fly) LML Tuning now includes our Smart EGT Control feature.  This feature will be built into all LSP DeFuel ON tunes starting 2/1/2018.  The simplest explanation of this feature is the truck will gradually back down the power output if it sees EGTs are rising to a dangerous place. 

LML Smart EGT Control:

Protect your LML from catastrophic failures caused by high EGTs

Seamless feeling while active, no massive loss of power

Utilize factory installed EGT probe in thedown pipe

Available with the LML SPADE or e-mailed LSP tuning

Previous LML Tuning customers can get a tune upgrade to include this feature


Smart EGT Control

Smart EGT Control is a feature in the DeFuel ON tunes that monitors your factory EGT probe and keeps you operating in a safe range.  This means if you push the truck into an un-safe temperature range the truck will automatically respond by correcting the horsepower output manage your EGTs.  

This doesn't mean you will fall flat on your face and not be able to make it up the hill.  We seamlessly tapper the necessary parameters to keep you going up the hill without over-working your truck.

"Leading the Way in Performance Tuning for DPF equipped Duramax Trucks! "

Your LML SPADE can include:

  • LSP (Switch-on-the-fly) Tuning

  • LSP Switch

  • DeFuel ON & DeFuel OFF Tunes

  • Custom TCM Tuning

  • AutoCal / SPADE hardware

1. Optimized Stock -Power delivery smoother than stock with near stock output -Refined timing tables for lower EGTs and higher efficiency 

2. Heavy Tow Tune (+40)-Built for towing loads from 8000lbs to gross vehicle weight 
3. Light Tow Tune (+55HP)- Built for towing loads under 8000lbs 
4. Sport Econ (+110)-High performance street tune designed to balance performance and reliability-Throttle sensitivity increased for less throttle input, quicker shifting and less average RPM in daily driving situations 
5. Race Tune (+135)- This tune represents the maximum effort a Duramax engine equipped with a stock turbo and stock injectors.  A FASS 150 lift pump and gauges are highly recommended  

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Tim in California Says:

You guys are the coolest. My radiator and intercooler kit made it here in like 18 hours, no joke.. and I'm in California lol You seriously have the best site around. I've been shopping with you guys for a while and just wanted to say thank you. I can't wait to place my next order. No one up here can beat my truck( except for one guy lol ), and I tell them Alligator every time