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Fleece Performance | PowerFlo Lift Pump Assembly


Our mission was to create an OEM quality lift pump to support 800-850 rwhp that didn’t have the drawbacks that other lift pumps on the market have. We accomplished this by modeling the most common design of OEM lift pump on the market and adding a 2nd pump for increased capacity.

"One of the first questions we are always asked is,  “do we have air separation”. 

Because we always pull fuel from a bucket that is full of non-aerated fuel we are always supplying the CP3 with fuel that is free of air; no matter the level of fuel in the tank. There are 4 ways we keep the bucket full of fuel. First, when the fuel level is above the top of the bucket the holes in the top of the bucket allow fuel to spill in. Second, when fuel is below the top of the bucket there are passive fill diaphragms that allow fuel to enter the bottom of the bucket. Third, there is an active fill port at the bottom of the bucket that is drawing fuel into the bucket due to a Venturi created by one of the pumps. Fourth, we are returning the unused fuel directly into the bucket. The unused fuel is both return fuel from the engine, as well as fuel that was passed through the pressure relief valve in the tank flange.

Draw straws are subject to two major issues. They don’t allow the customer to use the full tank of fuel, and they will suck air when low fuel level and rough or pitched road conditions are present. Although tank sumps theoretically allow you to use the full tank of fuel, they will also suck air when low fuel level and rough or pitched road conditions are present. Lift pump systems currently on the market also create aerated fuel by returning their fuel to the tank from an elevated height in the tank.

The conditions noted above have created the need for some lift pump manufactures to create an air separation device within their modules. The PowerFlo Lift Pump utilizes the techniques to prevent air from entering the fuel system, just as major OEM fuel system suppliers have been doing for many years, as our preferred method for non-aerated fuel delivery.

"The second most asked question has been about filtration." 

The newer trucks have made some great advancements in fuel filtration and water separation. The factory filters do a great job filtering fuel and separating water, but they can be restrictive. With that said, we have test results proving that the PowerFlo Lift Pump will support 800+ rwhp through factory filters on our 2016 Dodge; exactly what we were aiming for. In the near future, we will offer a filter block with a higher flowing filter and water separator with larger feed and return hoses which will help support more horsepower. The 800-850 rwhp should cover a large portion of the market in the meantime.

Other major features:

  • - The PowerFLo Lift Pump is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • - The pumps are utilized in a major OEM application and have surpassed 12,000 hours of durability testing
  • - The regulator in the Tank Flange Eliminates Over Pressure Situations and provides proper fuel pressure at the CP3
  • - Utilizes Factory Quick Disconnects For Quick and Reliable Installation
  • - Float and Level Sending Unit Properly Scaled For Accurate Fuel Level Readings
  • - In-Tank Installation Provides for Silent Operation

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