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Episode 16 | Flog Industries Bumpers for Operation_Snowflake

Flog Industries Bumpers for Operation_Snowflake We run through all the details of these beasty Flog Bumpers with Kev and what sets them above the rest!


 - 3/16"" thick steel front bumper with 1/4 inch mounting and reinforcement bracketry.

 - Bumper includes our mesh grill bumper insert, our patent pending TUGZ open-ended tow hook system, all grade 8 mounting hardware.

 - Includes steel cover plates for light pockets (order light pockets separately)

 - Sold raw (paint ready)

 - includes parking sensor cutouts


Flog Industries Steel Demon series bumpers are made from USA sourced grade A36 mild steel.

Our design features aggressive lines and reinforcement bends throughout the bumper sheet metal creating an engineered ""strength by design"" structure designed to protect your vehicle from extensive damage in the event of an impact.

The Steel Demon series is a customizable platform that allows you to personalize your bumper to fit your taste, whether it's a different light variation or a color combination, just simply bolt on the options you choose.

Our unique patented 3 stud mounting system not only makes installation quick and easy but it allows you to interchange our light guard, full guard, winch guard, tow hook options and other options we may produce, not only within the bumper but between vehicle makes.

For Pod Pockets use part #FISD-Unpdpkt 

For Light-Guard use part #FISD-Unltgrd 

For Beast Mode Guard use part #FISD-Unltgrd-1018D

Includes cutout for Front Parking Sensors

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