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Episode 05 | First Production Exhaust System!

When working with a brand new platform like this 2018 Ford F-150 Powerstroke, we get the opportunity to work with some of the leading manufactures in the industry for product development, and in this case, we get to work with Diamond Eye Performance!

The 3.0 Powerstroke build has had its fair share of hurdles when trying to break into the performance side of the build. Seems as though the industry, almost as a whole, is sitting back to see what the market does with this half size diesel trucks to see if they want to invest into the performance side. There is a limit to how much horsepower and torque these trucks can handle and a reasonable hesitation to why many manufacturers are holding off on big power upgrades. Will the engine internals hold up? Whats the limitations to the stock transmission? What kind of power increases can be seen with factory emissions intact? Along with a slew of other questions, opinions, and concerns, but nonetheless, we are finally getting somewhere! We have lined up Intakes, Tuner, Exhaust, Turbo, fueling, and a few other performance parts that will be coming down the pipeline.

For the Exhaust side of this build, we are keeping the factory emissions and installing a DPF Back exhaust system. The OEM exhaust is 3.5" in diameter but as it exits the stock muffler it reduces down to 3". What Diamond Eye Performance designed is a DPF Back 4" exhaust system. So there are eliminating that reduction and actually expanding it to 4", removing the muffler and splitting it at the end with a single side, dual exit with the option of (2) black tips or (2) 304 Stainless polished tips. 

Make sure you tune in as we install this exhaust system live at the 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge / DPI Expo in May! 

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Chris Rosscup uses Alligator Performance as his one shop stop for anything Diesel related. Here's what he had to say about our customer service.

Alligator is amazing. They not only get me the right parts, at the best price, but they also do so incredibly fast! They are THE place for all of your Diesel needs!