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Episode 03 | Operation_SnowFlake Gets Compounds!

With this build we were in the market for a perfect towing compound kit that utilizes the factory VGT turbo, gives solid power increases, but more importantly, a kit that allowed us to stay emission compliant. ATS Diesel designed a kit that fits that description.

The Aurora Vortex 5000 Plus Turbo Kit

This kit has everything needed for the install, utilizes the factory HE300VG turbo and adds their modified aurora 5k turbo on top. Typically the 5k turbo is a 71/83 T3 charger with a .85A/R housing but in this compound kit they change it to a 71/83 T4 with a 1.10A/R housing which fits a compounded set up much better. Kit Includes the coolant tank, hose and clamp kit, oil feed, rerouted AC line, but what really makes this kit is the uniquely designed ATS Vortex manifold. This split coasted manifold allows for smooth air transitions while dropping the outlet back to the factory down pipe location. This drop in kit with tuning will jump the truck up to around 520hp, and with other supporting mods like upgraded injectors, injection pump, and of course a transmission upgrade this compound kit is capable of 650hp without sacrificing reliability.



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Tim in California Says:

You guys are the coolest. My radiator and intercooler kit made it here in like 18 hours, no joke.. and I'm in California lol You seriously have the best site around. I've been shopping with you guys for a while and just wanted to say thank you. I can't wait to place my next order. No one up here can beat my truck( except for one guy lol ), and I tell them Alligator every time