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Edelbrock’s New 6.6-Liter Duramax Diesel Cylinder Heads Available!

That’s right, Edelbrock, one of the industry’s leading companies in the gasoline performance world has stepped into our arena. We met with the team at Edelbrock a few weeks ago in Southern California to discuss some future projects, and boy, do they have some great stuff coming down the pipe. Hot off the press, getting their foot in the door is their new Duramax Diesel cylinder heads for on and off-road use. These heads are a drop-in replacement, ready to go units that perform better than stock but still maintain the emissions quality they must pass.

These cylinder heads feature intake and exhaust runners that have been optimized to increase airflow. In fact, it Edelbrock is claiming these heads flow 20-percent more than a factory head. Each cylinder head is cast from A356 aluminum us the Hot Isostatic Pressing method. By heating the raw castings up to 900-degrees in a pressurized chamber, they compress the casting to remove any trapped gases and internal porosity. This results in a much stronger and denser casting with virtually the consistency of billet aluminum.

With that being said, this means the HIP-processed cylinder heads have up to three times the fatigue life of conventionally-cast heads. Not only do these heads hold more life, but they have smoother machined surfaces which is great for an engine with such high injection pressures and compression ratios.

Edelbrock Duramax Cylinder heads are fully assembled with valves, valve springs, locks, seals, and retainers, and are 50-state emissions legal (CARB E.O. number D-215-102).



• Improved runner airflow and swirl deliver more horsepower and torque with lower EGTs

• Castings heat-treated to T7 specifications to withstand diesel’s extreme operating environment

• 16mm thick deck to handle increased cylinder pressures

• Extra-thick port walls for custom porting

• Raised rocker valley adds water volume for improved cooling

• Fully nitrided, Stellite-faced intake and exhaust valves for strength

 • Injector cups integrated into the castings for LB7 applications

• Compatible with factory valvetrain, valve covers, water crossover, injectors, and glow plugs


• 230cc/117cc intake and exhaust runners

• 1.299”/1.200” diameter intake and exhaust valves

• 1.063” single valve springs good for up to .600” of valve lift

• Three-angle valve job on valve seats


• 2001-04 6.6L LB7

• 2011-16 6.6L LML

If you’re in the market to replace your cylinder heads, or if you’re in the middle of a build that consists of stock cylinder heads, why not replace with a much better-performing part? Be sure and check out Edelbrocks’ newest part on their website get your new cylinder heads today. Stay tuned to Diesel Army as we may be putting these heads to the test!

Article by: Artie Maupin |

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