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Deviant Race Parts | Ram Tailgate Protector

Tailgate Protection. Doesn’t sound like a part you really need until you do a quick once over and notice that the 4th gen tailgate is a bit on the light duty side and probably already peppered with dents, especially for those who use their truck bed for laborious activities. It is a mix of thinner gauge steel along with few internal gussets and bracing, I’d assume the reasoning behind this is to keep the overall weight of the tailgate lower so anybody could shut the tailgate without struggling to lift an anchor.

Deviant Race Parts noticed this rising issue from customers using their trucks in the construction and logging fields and designed a simple, easy to install, strong fix to strengthen up the integrity of the factory tailgate without adding much for weight. Constructed from 11 gauge 5052 aluminum and powder coated with a texture black. It fastens by the 6 provided button head screws and automotive grade double sided tape. This tail gate protector has strategically placed bends for added strength. This prevents the bottom of your Ram tailgate from the typical bending in the center from the normal loading and unloading of heavy items from your truck bed. This also protects the top of the tailgate from bends and scrapes in the event of long heavy items being loaded in the bed.

Like shown in the video and the pictures below, the install is clean and simple. Remove 6 of the factory tailgate bolts, use the alcohol wipe to clean and remove contaminates and oil from the tailgate surface where the 3M tape will be resting. Drop the DRP Tailgate protector on and apply pressure along the tape line and bolt down with the 6 supplied button head bolts, and bam, you’re done!

Some added luxuries of the tailgate protector, is now there is a flat surface for tailgating, sliding equipment or tools into the bed, and most importantly, there is a perfectly flat surface to play a competitive game of beer pong!

For more information on the tailgate protector, check out our product page, and stay tuned as Deviant Race Parts expands the line to other truck models!

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