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BD Diesel | Allison Pressure Controller for LML Duramax


2011-2016 Allison transmissions utilize variable line pressure that adjusts to different engine load to improve fuel economy. The problem with this is that it drops line pressure after a shift, causing clutch slippage and failure in higher powered trucks. The BD pressure controller module boosts line pressure up to 275psi when the engine is over 15psi boost and runs stock pressure under normal conditions to prevent harsh shifting.

The kit is fully plug-and-play. It plugs into factory connectors and requires no special setup.

At wide open throttle, the stock strategy raises line pressure only for shifts, dropping line pressure to different levels for each gear. First – 200psi, Second 220psi, Third 160psi, Fourth – 130psi, Fifth – 175psi, Sixth – 180psi. The BD pressure box keeps line pressure at 250+psi when you are at full throttle to protect your transmission.

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