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BD Diesel Tap Shifter for 03-07 Cummins

Access all 4-gears and converter lock-up control with automatic and manual shifting for your 3rd gen! Easy to use with no programming needed, the TapShifter is for everybody and great for all applications - Street (control downshifting and lock-up), Towing (hold gear and lock-up) and Racing (control when to shift and lock-up). Works with stock shifting and has gear limiting function.


Kit includes exchange enhanced BD valve body, new model shift lever, control module, gear selection display and a sealed plug-in wiring harness that requires no cutting or tapping of wires.


- Tap Shifter for your 03-07 47RE/48RE gives gear selection and converter lock-up control

- Automatic or manual shifting of the transmission

- Great for Street, Towing and Race applications

- Provides manual torque converter lock-up clutch control

- Works with stock shifting and has gear limiting function

- Sealed plug-in wiring, no cutting or tapping of wires required

- Kit includes exchange BD valve body, new model shift lever, BD control module, BD gear selection display and wiring harness

Warranty - 12-Months

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Tim in California Says:

You guys are the coolest. My radiator and intercooler kit made it here in like 18 hours, no joke.. and I'm in California lol You seriously have the best site around. I've been shopping with you guys for a while and just wanted to say thank you. I can't wait to place my next order. No one up here can beat my truck( except for one guy lol ), and I tell them Alligator every time