Flog FISD-G2535-1518F Front Bumper | 15-18 GMC 2500-3500

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Flog FISD-G2535-1518F Front Bumper | 15-18 GMC 2500-3500


Flog FISD-G2535-1518F Front Bumper | 15-18 GMC 2500-3500


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Flog Industries Steel Demon series bumpers are made from USA sourced grade A36 mild steel.

Our design features aggressive lines and reinforcement bends throughout the bumper sheet metal creating an engineered ""strength by design"" structure designed to protect your vehicle from extensive damage in the event of an impact.

The Steel Demon series is a customizable platform that allows you to personalize your bumper to fit your taste, whether it's a different light variation or a color combination, just simply bolt on the options you choose.

Our unique patented 3 stud mounting system not only makes installation quick and easy, but it allows you to interchange our light guard, full guard, winch guard, tow hook options and other options we may produce, not only within the bumper but between vehicle makes.

  • Bolt on light pockets (pod pockets)- are interchangeable and allow many light configurations

  • Bumper grille inserts- allow you to match other after market grilles

  • Bolt on open ended strap hook

  • Bolt on full guard options (beast mode)

  • Bolt on pre-runner guard option (light guard)

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