FASS Fuel Pumps

Improve the Performance and Efficiency of your Fuel System with FASS Fuel Pumps

There are people out there that are just fine with driving a diesel truck at its stock performance level. But, if you have found your way to the Alligator Performance site, then you are likely not one of those people. The search for more power has lead you here, so we want to guide you to the promise land by introducing you to FASS Fuel Systems. They are the the go-to solution for diesel enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance upgrades. FASS offers an extensive range of products, including robust lift pumps, efficient water separators, and premium fuel filters. We want to put the spotlight on the FASS Fuel Pumps. These tailor-made fuel solutions enhance power and efficiency that translates to more impressive levels of power and torque. It doesn't matter if you drive a GM Duramax, Ram Cummins, or Ford Powerstroke, FASS has a premium fuel pump that will ensure your engine receives the high-quality diesel it craves.

FASS Whisper Technology (FWT): A Revolution in Quiet Performance

It can be a huge bummer when the rest of your diesel truck build is pristine, but you hear the loud hum of an inferior fuel pump. Once you hear it, you can't get your mind off of it. That's why FASS Whisper Technology (FWT) was developed and implemented into fuel pumps like the FASS Titanium Signature Fuel Lift Pump. This superior technology was invented to meet the demands of today's quiet diesel engines. This technology not only reduces noise levels to a whisper, but also significantly increases fuel flow rates. Unlike other competing fuel pumps, FASS fuel pumps don't sacrifice flow rates to lower noise. You can finally achieve both silent operation and improved power and performance.

Performance Radius Cuts (PRC): Precision Machining for Optimal Flow

The one thing that you would hope from a premium fuel pump is improved fuel flow. This is especially critical for heavy-duty diesel engines, so that's why FASS employs Performance Radius Cuts (PRC) in their fuel pumps. To do this, they use advanced machining techniques to create smooth cuts within the aluminum housing, preventing the reintroduction of air and vapor into the fuel. If you think you can cut corners with a cheaper, but poorly constructed fuel pump, then you are likely to run into the use square 90-degree fittings, which can limit flow, cause restrictions, and reintroduce air into the system.

Mass Flow Return (MFR) Technology: Polishing Fuel for Peak Performance

You might have thought the new-age technology in FASS fuel pumps stopped with the FWC and PRC, but you can't pull the trigger on getting one of these for your diesel truck without learning about the Mass Flow Return (MFR) Technology. This innovative system continually polishes the fuel by maintaining positive pressure during delivery to the engine. All of the excess fuel that is not immediately needed gets returned to the tank after passing through the filtration process. This process eliminates dirt, air, vapor, and water, ensuring your diesel truck always runs on the cleanest fuel possible. The MFR, combined with the optional FASS Fuel Heater, guarantees extreme cold-weather operations.

Unmatched Filtration: Protecting Your Diesel Engine

With a FASS fuel pump, you can benefit from an improved filtration rating of 2 Microns, which correlates to more complete protection for your injection systems. A built-in water separation filter and FASS Fuel Systems' patented air/vapor removal process further contribute to the longevity of your injection Pump and injectors. For diesel engines prone to injector failure, this system is a game-changer. If you are worried about a complicated installation, you will be relieved to know that the process is rather simple. The process is streamlined with FASS bolt-on brackets that utilize factory bed bolts. These brackets, made from machined steel for durability, support, and strength, simplify the mounting process. All necessary hardware and comprehensive instructions are included in each kit, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

Last Thoughts

In a market flooded with options, FASS Fuel Systems stands out as a leader in diesel performance. The FASS fuel pumps, with their FASS Whisper Technology (FWT), Performance Radius Cuts (PRC), Mass Flow Return (MFR) Technology, and unmatched filtration capabilities, redefine what diesel enthusiasts can expect from a fuel lift pump.

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