Duramaxtuner EcoBoost EzLynk Support Pack | 11-21 Ford EcoBoost Vehicles

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Duramaxtuner EcoBoost EzLynk Support Pack | 11-21 Ford EcoBoost Vehicles


Duramaxtuner EcoBoost EzLynk Support Pack | 11-21 Ford EcoBoost Vehicles


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Introducing EcoBoost Tuning for the F150 and Raptor from Calibrated Power Solutions home of! The EcoBoost platform has interested CPS since they were offered in the F150. While our focus for the past decade-plus has been the diesel truck market, we love torque - big turbocharger electronically controlled torque curves are our bread and butter.

The R&D team here worked hard to push the market by adding the same refined caliber of support we offer in the diesel industry. Hitting the horsepower and torque numbers is important. However, balancing that performance with so that the package delivers power will all the refinement and dependability you expect out of your truck.  This means matching the power delivery to the shift schedule and torque converter lockup strategy so that your new-found torque makes it directly to the tires. 

That’s why we're proud to offer a wide range of supported trucks, and available tuning files, on EZ Lynk, nGauge and MPVI2 hardware for the 3.5L EcoBoost found in the 2011-2020 F150  and the 2.7L in the 2015-2020 F150, as well as the 3.5L in the 2017-2020 Raptor. 

Flex Tuning & SMART Files with TCM Tuning

E-85 blended fuel compatibility no longer requires a massive fuel system overhaul for many of these trucks. Through extensive calibration and road testing, we can now unlock your trucks' ability to measure and immediately adjust for blends of ethanol from 0-45% in factory trim (2015+ 3.5L) and even straight E85 in 2017+ 2.7L trucks.   Our SMART Files make this possible by utilizing OEM sensors and understanding the factory algorithms used to calculate the ethanol content. 

TCM tuning from CPS allows you to take full advantage of the meaty torque curve on tap with our engine tuning.  Our goal is to use your new-found torque to keep average engine RPM down which maximizes operating efficiency and fuel mileage (especially while towing).  Gaining speed on the highway no longer requires a downshift to raise RPM for extra power, instead you'll find your tuned Ecoboost able to hold the gear it's in and pull effortlessly through the rev range.  Under heavy load, you'll feel the extra bite in the shifts offered by line pressure raised to match your power level.  You'll also feel the torque converter lockup as the turbos build boost, allowing the truck to put all of its power to the road without any of the parasitic waste previously experienced with simple hydraulic coupling.  All Ecoboost support packs from CPS include TCM tuning. 

2011-2014 (No Ethanol blend support)

2015-2016 2.7/3.5 (Ethanol blends up to 45% with factory hardware); Higher blends compatible with higher capacity fuel pumps

2017-2020 2.7 (Ethanol blends up to 85% with factory hardware)

2017-2020 3.5L (Ethanol blends up to 45% with factory hardware); Higher blends compatible with higher capacity fuel pumps

2019-2021 Ford Explorer ST- Sub 4 second 0 to 60, Sub 12 Second ¼ Mile Times

MOD- CPS Ezlynk Tuning & Whipple Intercooler. 

E50-Consistent 11.9-12.1 ¼ Mile Slips trapping between 113-115MPH.

93- Octane- 12.6-12.7 @107-109MPH

2018-2020 Ford Raptor-  Low 12 Second Daily Driver

Mods- CPS Ezlynk Tuning, AMS Intercooler, Catted Dps, XDI35% Pump

Ethanol Max Effort- 12.3@108MPH

2018-2019 Expedition- Only Mods- Calibrated Power tuning with Ezlynk Auto Agent 2.0.

Performance increase:

100+RWHP on 93 Octane (Sport Flex File)

124+ RWHP on E30 Blend (Sport Ethanol)

Over a Second in a half faster 0 to 60MPH (5.25Seconds)

13.69 @98 MPH ¼ Mile (This is 2014+ stock Jeep SRT8 territory)

Some added cooling & port injectors,  these things may have 12s in them!

Transmission Tuning Strategy


As power and torque are increased, transmission line pressure and torque converter engagement pressures are raised to competently handle the load.  At low load and part throttle, the truck still shifts nice and smooth like the factory, while at higher loads you'll notice a firmer engagement.  We're careful not to ruin the refinement and comfort that makes the platform such a great daily driver.  Whether daily driving in town to lugging a load up a steep grade, your transmission tune is going to make a huge difference in how well the truck uses its extra power.  Every Ecoboost support pack includes transmission tuning. 

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