Category 4 SunCoast 47RE Transmission Rebuild Kit

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Category 4 SunCoast 47RE Transmission Rebuild Kit


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

This SunCoast Category 4 47RE rebuild kit includes everything necessary to rebuild your 47RE transmission. This high-performance rebuild kit is for customers seeking improvement over the stock unit along with improvements to the band, band actuation, servos, accumulator piston, torque converter, input shaft, output shaft and forward drum. 

The addition of the billet intermediate servo, billet band anchor and billet band strut allows this kit to address the common know shortcomings of this 47RE transmission. This kit also comes with a new billet blueprinted 4.4 band lever. The new thrust washer kit also contains selective for setting endplay.
The triple disc billet torque converter that comes with this kit comes with a 2,000 stall speed. This comes standard with our 47RE billet triple disc torque converter (Part #: 2361847-3D), with other stall speeds available, depending on your needs. The torque converter is lined with carbon graphitic clutch material and equipped with a precision CNC machined forged billet apply piston to ensure no deflection occurs. This is an upgrade from the single disc billet converter that comes in the #SC-47-1.
This kit also includes our one-piece billet 23-spline input shaft. This shaft is made from 300 maraging steel and is then heat treated and stress relieved to handle the additional demands of higher torque and stress loads. This shaft is precision ground to make it a true drop in replacement.
This Category 4 47RE master rebuild kit also includes a band upgrade. While some of our other kits include a Raybestos Pro Series carbon fiber flex band, in this kit we use our billet rigid band. This band is CNC machined from billet steel and then lined with carbon graphitic lining to ensure unmatched performance by any other manufacturer.
Our Category 4 SunCoast 47RE rebuild kit also includes upgrades to the flexplate. The factory 47RE flexplate is replaced with our SunCoast billet 47RE one piece unit. This new 47RE flexplate exceeds 29.3 SFI certification. This new billet one piece design is CNC machined from a single forging, and specific reliefs are machined out between the converter mounting area and the crank flange to enable minimal designed torsional flex.
We also include the addition of new apply pistons for both forward and direct. SunCoast Category 4 47RE master rebuild kits replace the factory cast pistons with new billet apply pistons. The direct piston is also included with new custom calibrated springs. The forward piston is also replaced with a new billet piece. These two improvements allow higher clamping forces without any deflection occurring. Giving a much more direct shift feel and eliminating potential cross leaks within the drum.
Another piece included in this kit is our full billet rear clutch retaining hub, made from 4140 heat-treated, stress-relieved billet steel versus the OE cast piece. The factory cast retainer is known to fail in high torsional fatigue situations such as higher line pressure, commercial use and heavy duty towing and hauling. This new billet piece is the correction you've been looking for.
Lastly, we include a billet output shaft. Designed for higher horsepower/torque engines, this performance product has been tested in excess of 1,400 ft/lbs of torque. Shaft is machined from 300M material then Heat Treated for torsional strength and precision ground on all critical diameters.
This kit fits all 4WD 47RE transmissions.

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