Carli CS-DATB-1419 Adjustable Track Bar | 13+ Dodge 2500/3500

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Carli CS-DATB-1419 Adjustable Track Bar | 13+ Dodge 2500/3500


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Heavy-duty construction, adjustable length, and built to exacting standards, its pretty easy to understand why upgrading to this track bar should be a simple decision. By far, one of the most popular products that we sell is Carli Track Bars for Heavy-Duty Rams. Why? Well, that answer is two-fold. First, Rams are notorious for various wandering issues that can arise from play in the weak factory track bar. Secondly, many Ram owners level or lift their trucks and need a solid way to recenter their front axle after doing so. This track bar solves BOTH of those problems.

Even on a new truck, the Carli Track Bar will give a tighter feel to the front end by eliminating the stock rubber bushings. Included with each track bar are all required spacers, crush sleeves, and shims to fit each specific vehicle's stock hardware. On one end is an F.K. Heim Joint that offers articulation and rigidity with an improved service life over other styles of the bushing. On the opposite end is a heavy-duty F.K. Uniball Bearing in a proprietary, preloaded molded bushing for maximum vibration damping, strength, and life-span. The Carli JAMMIT Jam-Nut provides 100% more clamping surface area than a standard jam nut while a laser-cut gusset surrounds the uniball welded cup to ensure that this track bar will be the last you ever buy.

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