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We are Voodoo Ride. We are a worldwide collective of car detail and cleaning freaks who get a rush from seeing dripping foam and suds on our toys. Whether it’s a car, truck, or motorcycle, we’re obsessively passionate about keeping them looking fresh and clean. Voodoo Ride is much more than a car care and detailing brand. We are a way of thinking. We are a lifestyle. We strive to be the best at what we do. Offering auto detailing products which work is a given. Voodoo Ride is devoted to developing car cleaning products that are easy to use and have unique features that simplifies the auto detailing process. We only produce car detailing products that we would personally use. For some, cleaning their vehicles is a dreadful chore, but for us it’s the opposite. There is nothing more gratifying than transforming a dirty vehicle into a glistening work of mechanical beauty. We know that there are many options available for car care and detailing. We encourage each of you to do your own research. Try out different products on the market and compare them to Voodoo Ride. We are confident that you’ll love the quality and simplicity of use that Voodoo Ride has to offer.

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