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26 years of high performance automotive cylinder head and related parts engineering, design and manufacturing can be found here at Advanced Motorsports Technology and its subsidiary SoCal Diesel. Our President, Guy Tripp, started his career as a high performance engine builder and automotive machinist in 1980 while studying Mechanical Engineering at Cal State University, Northridge. In 1982, Guy accepted a position at Airflow Research as a machinist. At that time Airflow Research was recognized as one of the top cylinder head porting companies in the country. They were the only company at that time that was capable of CNC porting cylinder heads. During the early to mid 1980s AFR was under contract to General Motors to design the ports and develop the small block Chevy aluminum cylinder head for use in NASCAR Winston Cup racing. In 1986, Guy set up a state of the art Superflow 901 Engine dyno cell. What began as a test only facility quickly evolved into Guy building competitive racing engines for many of the West Coast’s top racers in both NHRA and NASCAR. The next few years Guy was promoted to Vice President in charge of Engineering. In this position, Guy was responsible for digitizing internal port cavity designs; creating surface models; designing fixturing, providing specifications for tooling, and writing programs to machine these features. This included an internal cavity known as the “water jacket”. Guy was also responsible for the majority of the external design with regard to rocker arm geometry, valve heights, spring heights, bolt hole locations as well as their relationship to the existing engine. Guy had the primary responsibility for interfacing with the “foundry tooling maker” for having the molds made to cast these parts as well as making sure they emulated the original design and were production ready. Guy was responsible for deciding which CNC machines to purchase and how they would fit into or improve the existing production line; and, once the part was in production he was responsible for troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

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