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Now let’s get to who NX really is, I’m Mike Wood. I own 100% of Nitrous Express and have been involved with the nitrous phenomenon since 1978. I started with a small NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) nitrous kit on my TransAm. I thought this is the greatest thing since the invention of the automobile! Soon thereafter I installed a NOS direct port kit, or fogger as NOS called it, on my racecar. It was cool but I experienced multiple issues right out of the box. Out of necessity I got involved with the science and hardware used with nitrous oxide. I soon discovered many opportunities for improvement in the current nitrous kits offered, corrected them and earned a reputation of being the “Go to Guy” if you wanted to run nitrous. This was pretty easy, in 1979 few people in the racing world had even heard of nitrous. At that time, there were only a couple of companies that made nitrous kits, the most common being Nitrous Oxide Systems or NOS. NOS was so dominant in those days that many consumers still refer to nitrous oxide as nos, noz or even nos nitrous. Through the 1980’s and early 90’s nitrous jetting patterns and tune-up information were hit and miss at best. Out of necessity, I set up a flow bench to precisely measure the amounts of nitrous and fuel used by each nitrous kit. The information learned during the flow testing was invaluable. Before I knew it, I was modifying and hot rodding almost every part of every nitrous system I used and/or sold to my fellow racers. We started NX in 1996 because we knew we could offer nitrous systems that out performed anything on the market right out of the box. Nitrous Express had an advantage; we got to start with a blank sheet of paper. We were able to manufacture our components with all the hot rod modifications built in. This allowed our customers to achieve better results right out of the box than other racers who were paying big money to modify our competitors’ parts. It was like a breath of fresh air! If you are not asleep yet I will continue with the reasons NX’s technology is superior. Nitrous is a cryogenic, expansion gas. This means that under pressure the n2O is a liquid, looking much like water. When this pressure is released nitrous boils off at minus 127 degrees Fahrenheit in the form of an invisible gas. What you see when n20 is vented, such as a purge, is the ice crystals being frozen in the air by the super cold nitrous. Any turbulence in the flow path of nitrous whether under pressure or not will cause some amount of boiling, resulting in a mixture of gaseous and liquid nitrous. The company that can deliver the purest charge of nitrous to the discharge point will make the most power with a given jet size.

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