Belltech 152650BK 1.5" Lift Kit | 21+ Ford Bronco Sport

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Belltech 152650BK 1.5" Lift Kit | 21+ Ford Bronco Sport


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Belltech is proud to announce our new 1.5" Lift kit designed to give your Bronco Sport the off-road look you desire! Our kit allows the ideal amount of lift to add larger wheels to your vehicle, which not only improves its appearance and capability, but can also provide increased traction and grip while driving.

This product was designed with straightforward installation, making for a quick and simplified change to your Bronco. Included in the lift kit, are custom designed, adjustable end links which are zinc coated to prevent rust. The end links ensure your OE sway bar does not make contact with any parts of your vehicle in its newly modified condition. To provide lift, the kit includes front strut spacers which attach directly to the top of your OE front struts and coil spacers for the rear. To maintain proper suspension geometry and keep your wheels centered within the fenders, our kit includes rear trailing arm drop brackets. All components are powder coated to prevent rust and keep from wear.

Furnish your new Ford with a unique look that will last with the new Belltech Ford Bronco Sport 1.5" Lift Kit.


• Simplified installation

• Provides 1.5" lift to front and rear

• Provides room for larger wheels and tires

• Increased ground clearance

• Powder coated for longevity

• Zinc-coated, adjustable end links

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