BD 1062134 Stage 4 Master Built-It Transmission Kit

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BD 1062134 Stage 4 Master Built-It Transmission Kit


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Stage 4 Master Built-It Transmission Kit; Incl. Basic Rebuild Parts/Gaskets/Hardware;Same parts used in our own performance transmissions; All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets; Coast Clutch Friction Raybestos; Direct Friction Allomatic; Direct Steel; Direct Piston - BD Machined; Direct Pressure Plate - BD Machined; Filter; Forward Clutch Friction Raybestos; Forward Clutch Steel; Intermediate Friction Allomatic; Intermediate Steel; Intermediate Pressure Plate - BD Machined; Low Reverse Friction Raybestos; Low Reverse Steel; Overdrive Friction Raybestos; Overdrive Steel; Overdrive Piston - BD Machined; Overdrive Pressure Plate - BD Machined; Piston – Aluminium; Plug Kit; Steel Kit; Overhaul Kit; Shift Kit

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