Banks 19249 Differential Cover Kit | 01-19 Dodge/GM Applications

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Banks 19249 Differential Cover Kit | 01-19 Dodge/GM Applications


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

Banks started from scratch while sparing no expense in the creation of the Banks Power AAM 11.5" 14-Bolt Rear Ram-Air Differential Cover. Gale set out in search of the answer to the age-old "Do rear differential covers provide any real benefit or are they just bling?" After many, many hours of research, Gale and the Banks Engineering Team uncovered two underlying problems with the aftermarket differential covers on the market; poor airflow as well as flawed fluid dynamics. Both issues are not a concern with the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover.

After performing tests on covers with a flat-back design and larger fluid capacities, Banks found that the hard angle of the flat-back causes poor fluid dynamics. With computer-aided design and road-testing, the Banks Ram-Air differential cover has improved fluid dynamics to help increase fuel economy and extend lubrication life. It also cools 118% better than its flat-back competitor at sustained 60mph dyno tests and 4X better in on-road towing tests!

The Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover is constructed from A380 aluminum diecast featuring internal and external cooling fins, patented Ram-Air scoops to flow air around the cooling fins, dry-mount silicone O-ring seal, chrome-plated mounting hardware, and is available in either raw cast aluminum or textured black powder coat finish. There's also no need to remove the cover to service the oil. Banks include a magnetic drain plug, magnetic fill plug which is at a 20° angle for easier filling. A 1/2" stainless steel sight glass gives you the ability to monitor your fluid level and condition.

Application Note: 2014-2018 Ram 2500 with coil spring rear suspension requires a sway bar spacer kit.

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