ATS 3029502164 Five Star Torque Converter | 94-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

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ATS 3029502164 Five Star Torque Converter | 94-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

The Five Star Torque Converter rivals its little brother, the TripleLok. The Five Star has been awarded THREE patents from the United States patent office and has the reputation to back it up! There is no other torque converter offered anywhere that can make this claim. The 30 square drive tabs that are precision CNC cut into the billet cover is only one of the many patented aspects of the Five Star converter. ATS engineered a unique two-piece design that not only allows us to cut precision radial flank drive lugs into the cover but also utilizes a plasma weld ensuring an unmatched quality standard. The patented radial flank drive tabs virtually eliminate the wear that is common with all other round tab multi-disc torque converters. This is the number one reason ATS can offer a 5-year warranty on all our torque converters.

We soon invented and patented the Square tab design that you can see and only get from ATS today. The Radial Flank Square Tab is the backbone of the ATS TripleLok and FiveStar torque converter, all ATS multiple Disc converters are 100% square tab construction. The Billet cover provides a multitude of benefits, having the thick steel cover provides a base that will not flex. This is very important when needing a flat surface for the Lock-up clutches to couple with, this is also very important during times when there are high pressures created inside the converter due to extended load times when the converter is in a vortex flow. This pressure will cause the converter to balloon and the thrust bearings to get out of alignment causing converter failure.

The Viskus clutch lock-up system is used to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission during high power applications when the converter is in lock-up. The Viskus clutch provides four to five times the torque capacity of a standard single-disc converter and ensures there will be no slipping during hard accelerations or when pulling heavy loads. The Viskus clutch drives real value comes inefficiency when driving at speeds between 5 and 50 MPH! The Viskus clutch provides for additional power transfer during these slower speeds providing a more positive fluid coupling.

There are basically two areas of operation in a torque converter. The fluid coupling portion and the lock-up portion. The fluid coupling section is the operation that takes place when you accelerate from a stop when the engine is spinning and the vehicle wheels are not moving or just starting to move.(This part is where the Viskus clutch really shines). As you push on the accelerator pedal and the vehicle starts to move this is considered the torque converter stall speed. Once the stall speed is reached and the vehicle starts to move forward the converter is in what we refer to as the VORTEX flow condition of the converter cycle. The VORTEX flow cycle is one of the most important and overlooked segments of a converter. When in this cycle the impeller is picking up fluid and slinging it into the turbine. As the turbine catches the accelerated fluid the turbine is forced to spin turning the input shaft of the transmission. After the fluid is spun through the turbine it is redirected into the Stator. At this point, the Stator must redirect the fluid back into the impeller in an efficient manner or the converter will build excessive heat and acceleration will be poor. This is the magic of the Stator, A stator MUST be designed properly or the fluid coupling of the converter will be poor and driveability and acceleration will suffer. This is in a large part what you will experience from a stock converter.

The construction of the stator is a key component in the Five Star converter, we CNC machine the stator to allow fluid to be picked up from the turbine in a manner that will not disrupt the fluid flow and efficiently change the fluid direction so it will be channeled into the impeller without tumbling. Comprehensive computer annalists are used to achieving the perfect vane profile providing optimal stall speed while maximizing torque multiplication. All this math and precision matching of parts provides the best possible acceleration and a smooth transition into lock-up. As the vehicle is accelerated into the higher gears and the fluid portion of the converter transfers from a vortex flow to a rotary flow all torque converters start to lose their efficiency. This transitional area is where the Patented ATS FiveStar torque converter really provides a benefit over the TripleLok torque converter. As the converter is commanded to go into lock-up there is a mechanical connection made between the engine and the transmission. Stock converters and most aftermarket converters have only one lock up disc, having only one lock-up clutch surface limits the converters ability to hold torque.

As a transmission gets higher mileage on it or when engine power is turned up the torque converter clutch loses its ability to hold its traction to the engine causing a slipping condition that quickly destroys the converter and the transmission. This is the reason to add two additional clutches to the converter to allow for three times the torque capacity. When additional clutches are added to a converter the clutch plate that is connected to the engine is subject to severe engine torsional as the engine piston pulsations try to tear apart the converter. These piston pulsations push and rattle on the engagement tabs of the steel clutch plate. Back in 1999 when we first placed a multiple clutch converter behind a diesel engine we quickly discovered that we had a problem. The Diesel engine would wear out the round tabs of the clutch disc causing metal contamination and transmission failure. 

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