Alligator Adjustable High Idle Unit | Universal

Alligator Adjustable High Idle Unit | Universal


Alligator Performance Adjustable High Idle Unit


We mined for countless hours to bring you the finest high idle available on the market today
Get yours today!!!


  • Gives you high idle for your car, truck, boat, etc 
  • Supports 1000+hp
  • Doubles as a keyless entry system
  • Also works as a wheel Chock
  • Loaded with shiney bits.  Might be gold, might be diamonds. We dont know!!!!
  • Made in the USA


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    By Trey Wilson on 9/28/2016

    OMG you guys product of the year right here!Got this bad boy and unwrapped it ASAP!Shiny as F***!! Probably gold or diamonds or something!!! Put it on my pedal and MAN did my truck pep up! Blew like tons of coal even more than the shopping bag on the air filter trick!!! WOO let me tell you it made a little tick tick clank knock knock but that must be normal for this 7.3 with all this new added high idle power!!! Truck won't stay on a hill?THIS is the product for you!!! Sure enough stops it right there on the hill behind the right rear tire! Switched it to the left and guess what?! BAM no more rolling! Lock your keys in your truck? No biggie use this bad boy on the window!!I did!not complaining either cause id rather listen to that screamin diesel than be warm with my windows up listening to hippy music cause that's what AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT!!!! Only thing that would make this deal sweeter is a hook up on an alligator shirt for writing this kick A** review!!! Great work!

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