AFE-46-40034 BladeRunner Ported Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold

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  • One-Piece Construction
  • Dual Auxiliary Ports
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • 50 State Legal CARB EO# D-550-39

AFE-46-40034 BladeRunner Ported Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

BladeRunner Ported Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold Dodge Diesel Trucks 98.5-02 L6-5.9L (td)Eliminate the costly exhaust manifold cracks prevalent in the factory exhaust manifold. The aFe BladeRunner exhaust manifold for the popular 98.5-02 5.9L Dodge Ram Cummins (24V) sets a new standard. In recent testing, this exhaust manifold outflowed the factory exhaust manifold by 50% improving performance and throttle response. The thick wall (0.25in. vs. 0.15in.) design increases strength eliminating warping and cracking. The matched ports and a merged runner design reduces exhaust backpressure, maximizing exhaust flow. Once you install this awesome exhaust manifold, you will feel improved turbo spool up times, improved throttle response and increased performance.

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